Hailey Baldwin is a huge fan of the Mulan cartoon!


The Covid-19 will have turned many things upside down this year. Indeed, many film and series shootings have been put on hiatus. But that’s not all. For a while, theaters closed much to the chagrin of Hailey Baldwin and Mulan fans.

Not long ago, the state decided to reopen cinemas. On the other hand, from month to month, people have decided to go to the theater. Still, Disney was scheduled to broadcast Mulan’s live movie. A much loved cartoon by Hailey Baldwin.

Eventually, Disney changed its mind. Indeed, the company decided to broadcast the film only on its Disney + platform. But that’s not all. In addition to the subscription, they put the film on sale. It didn’t stop Hailey Baldwin.

In the United States, to see Mulan, you have to pay the sum of 29.99 dollars. In Europe, the live film is 22 euros. On the other hand, and to the delight of fans, it will be free from December 4.


But it looks like Hailey Baldwin has no patience to wait until December 4th. Indeed, this Friday, September 4, she posted a new video in Story from her Instagram account.

The young woman revealed to her fans that she was about to watch Mulan. But that’s not all. Justin Bieber’s sweetheart also confessed that she was a real fan of the cartoon.

In the caption of her Instagram video, the model also wrote: “So excited! I love Mulan so much. “To translate by” So excited! I love Mulan so much “. It remains to be seen whether the film will live up to its expectations.

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Some fans had already expressed their disappointment on social networks. Indeed, most seem very disappointed that there is no Mushu!


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