Hailey Baldwin Gets A Tattoo On Her Face!


Hailey Baldwin has just posted a new photo on her Instagram story account. She shows off her new tattoo on her face.

Hailey Baldwin has just posted a new photo story on her Instagram account. The young woman then unveils a new tattoo on her face. And the least we can say is that it looks great on him.

For several years now, Hailey Baldwin has been talking about her a lot. And for good reason, the young model continues to share many photos on his Instagram account that make his subscribers happy.

A few days ago, Hailey Baldwin celebrated her 24th birthday. The young woman received a tender message from her husband Justin Bieber. The latter made a beautiful declaration of love to her that made many young women green with jealousy.

“My eyes are for you. My heart is for you. My soul is for you. I am at home as long as you are here. You are my safe place. I am completely obsessed with who you are. My biggest dream is to grow old with you. I can’t believe you are mine forever. Happy birthday my baby ”.


A few minutes later, Hailey Baldwin therefore posted a new photo on her Instagram account to thank her fans for the various messages of support received.

“24 years old… I feel so grateful. Thank you for all the love and loving messages. ”

But if Hailey Baldwin is being talked about today, it is for a whole different reason. Very active on social networks, the young woman does not hesitate to share moments of her daily life.

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This Tuesday, December 22, she unveiled a cute selfie of herself. But on the latter, a detail particularly intrigued Internet users. Indeed, Justin Bieber’s wife put a filter. And not just any! The one that gives the illusion of a tattoo on the face!


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