Hailey Baldwin fan of France? It is displayed in a very Parisian look!


Hailey Baldwin Bieber was spotted on the streets of LA in a very different look from her habits. She adopted the Parisian cardigan.

Hailey Baldwin changes her look. She abandons her large coats for a very Frenchie outfit. A very soft Parisian cardigan and jeans!

If you know Hailey Baldwin you will surely have noticed her relaxed style. Large jackets, oversized T-shirts from the best rock bands or men’s sweatshirts. This is what the young woman had accustomed her fans to. However, the beautiful has adopted a very different style to walk the streets of L.A. Indeed, with the approach of the new year the star would she have made the decision to change her look?

If so, Hailey Baldwin seems to have made the right choice! Thus, the American has just been inspired by the style of all Parisians! Yes, if the French are often very attracted to the United States, the Americans also seem to love France very much! Besides, this is not the first time that the metropolis inspires the country of Uncle Sam. Last summer, degraded hair had been adopted by many stars!

The winter trend: a cardigan! Hailey Baldwin dared to wear this new piece! She also slipped the waistcoat into light jeans with a black leather belt, a small handbag and a pair of stilettos. A half-relaxed, half-class look that will delight him. However, her look was reminiscent of that of the pretty blonde from the movie Clueless. Indeed, the star looks a lot like Cher Horowitz.

But would Hailey Baldwin have been inspired by the famous Jeanne Damas? In any case, this suggests his new style. A style that has everything to conquer the entire planet and the biggest stars. Katie Holmes had already adopted a beige cashmere cardigan this summer. Centerpiece that invades all the parades!


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