Hailey Baldwin also appears in the video for “Popstar”!


Drake and DJ Khaled haven’t done things by halves in their latest music video! And the fans more than loved this very, very ambitious clip!

Their official Popstar clip was released yesterday on the Youtube platform. With already more than 3 million views, they are number 2 in trends!

For over 8 minutes, Justin Bieber is the main character of the story! His wife Hailey Baldwin also makes an appearance.

The two lovebirds are always so cute! Plus, fans are thrilled to find Hailey Baldwin alongside Justin!


For precisely 8 minutes 5, Justin Bieber occupies the screen, relegating Drake and DJ Khaled to mere extras in their own music video. The stars have indeed taken action because of the health crisis.

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one to appear in the clip! His wife Hailey Baldwin is also there and we love it!

After 6 minutes, we see Hailey next to Justin. Waking up next to each other, he then explains to her that he had a bad dream and tells her that he loves her.

That’s not all, a minute later, Hailey and Justin are walking down the street! Lovers hold hands while walking their little dog.

Be careful, this is not just any dog! It’s Oscar their adorable little dog!

Hailey Baldwin posted a story of himself on Instagram on Popstar’s music! Future celebrity in the making? She comments with humor “Oscar appears in the Popstar music video, if you have any comments, contact her manager”

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