Haikyuu is a worldwide trend thanks to the love of fans


Great! Haikyuu fans share their appreciation with the anime and manga creator; which sparked a Twitter trend.

Haikyuu is one of the best known sports anime titles out there and it has a fan base to prove it. There is no reason to underestimate the franchise, as its manga has never failed to impress. Creator Haruichi Furudate did something to be proud of when he created the Karasuno volleyball team, and fans showed their appreciation on Twitter.

After all, today is the holiday known as Haikyuu Day! He arrived in Japan on August 19, and fans are showing their appreciation to Furudate and the entire franchise staff through social media. In fact, the series is already trending on Twitter and some of its responses will make you feel a bit nostalgic.

As you can see below, fans are delighted to celebrate Haikyuu Day this year, with many saying that sports manga has helped them overcome the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This year marks a special holiday, as the series ended a couple of weeks ago and its anime is scheduled to make a mid-season comeback shortly.

Haikyuu anime season 4

So if you are not aware of the series, it’s time to do a full Haikyuu marathon. Remember that you can watch the anime legally on platforms like Crunchyroll, this has a total of four seasons, along with OVA chapters that complement the plot of the story.

A curious fact and not to inquire into spoilers, is that the manga gives rise to the expected Tokyo 2020 Olympics, now scheduled until 2021. The combination of volleyball and anime was perfect, being one of the best Japanese animation titles out there nowadays.

Fans thank the creator of Haikyuu



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