Haikyuu!!: How much has Tsukishima changed since season 1?


Manga and anime sports series, Haikyuu!! The popularity has increased dramatically since its debut in 2014 thanks to an impressive storyline, unpredictable matches and noticeable character development. Haruichi Furidate’s manga masterpiece, created with the help of Production IG, has made a new change to the existing formula of sports anime, allowing Haikyuu!! become a sensational and beloved show.

The essence of the series is focused on the Karasuno volleyball team and the main character Hinata Shoyo. No matter what, Haikyu!! does more than focus on the courageous protagonist. He portrays the impressive growth of characters such as Kageyama Tobio and Tsukishima Kei. Tsukishima is an interesting character who has been slowly developing in terms of ideals and relationships throughout Haikyu!! series. So, how much has the character changed since season 1?

A character driven by fear

In the first season of Haikyuu!! Tsukishima was initially portrayed as an unpleasant character with a talent for volleyball. At first, his actions “repelled” Haikyu!! fans, because he was always so depressed – a harbinger of the future, possible bad luck that comes with hard work, putting in a lot of effort and lack of good results. The main character of the story, Hinata, had to develop a working strategy: the strength of the jump to compensate for his unprofitable volleyball growth. According to Hinata’s actions, Tsukishima’s ideals had an annoying element, as they downplayed the efforts of a zealous character.

Despite Tsukishima’s sarcastic behavior, he is a talented volleyball player who is able to show himself well in a dynamic match. Combined with his ball handling talents, Tsukishima is an amazingly smart and strategic player on the volleyball court. From this point of view, the reason for Tsukishima’s behavior, despite his obvious skills, was nothing short of a miracle. Unfortunately, Tsukishima’s goofy behavior is consistent throughout the first season of Haikyuu!! and the reason for his ideal against hard work wasn’t revealed until the series revealed his backstory.

Since history offers a glimpse into Tsukishima’s past, the reason for his actions becomes obvious and understandable. Tsukishima’s negative attitude was a bad attempt not to allow himself to repeat the mistakes made by his brother. Tsukishima embodies the fear of maximizing his efforts to achieve a goal and not showing anything for it. So his actions towards Hinata were most likely a reaction to his inner fears. Hinata is willing to put everything on the line to win, and this clearly annoys Tsukishima. However, despite his undervalued attitude, Tsukishima wasn’t exactly a bad person.

In the second season of Haikyuu!! He volunteered to help Hinata and Kageyama, the pillars of Karasuno, with their studies. Kageyama and Hinata failed the exams, which was a requirement to participate in a training camp in Tokyo. So, after much pleading, Tsukishima decided to help them, which he wouldn’t have done in the first season. This was the first visible change in Tsukishima’s character.

The decisive match

Gradually Tsukishima changed throughout Haikyu!!. His growth was not a sudden surge of determination or a newfound desire to fully help the Karasuno volleyball team. Most likely, Hinata and Kageyama’s passion was slowly transferred to him, and soon he began to enjoy the thrill that comes from hard matches. This continued until he changed significantly in the Karasuno-Shiratorizawa match. The members of Shiratorizawa’s volleyball team were outstanding players, some of whom played at the national level. Naturally, the biggest obstacle for Karasuno in the heartbreaking match was Shiratorizawa’s ace, Ushijima.

At a critical moment in the match, Tsukishima was injured. A typical Tsukishima in the first season would have given up and left the match. However, surprisingly, Tsukishima called on willpower and tactics to stop Ushijima’s almost unstoppable spikes. In the game, Tsukishima succumbed to his innate passion and desire to play volleyball. A passion that he tried to suppress with his shaky, fear-induced logic. Fortunately, Tsukishima’s persistent determination was not in vain, as Karasuno won the match, preventing any possible regression against Tsukishima. The success of the match consolidated Tsukishima’s growth and killed the attitude to hard work that he demonstrated in the first seasons.

Tsukishima didn’t hate or hate volleyball. In fact, he enjoyed it. He was passionate about it. But he did not have the courage to make every possible effort to realize his dream. Thanks to his enthusiastic teammates, he was able to change for the better, demonstrating one of the best displays of character in Haikyuu!!.