Hadja pays a nice tribute to Bertrand-Kamal for his 31 years


Hadja, ex-participant of the Koh-Lanta show, paid a new tribute to her friend Bertrand-Kamal, who died at the age of 30.

This November 11, Bertrand-Kamal (Koh-Lanta) would have blown out his 31st candle. On Instagram, ex-adventurer Hadja sent him a beautiful message …

In Koh-Lanta, some people reject any kind of friendship with the participants. Their one and only goal? To win.

Thus, these candidates scramble to set up strategies of all kinds. And this, without ever sympathizing with their teammates, and their future opponents.

However, that was not the case with Hadja. Indeed, the young woman – heart in hand – had befriended many of them.

And among them, she could count on Bertrand-Kamal. However, the candidate left us on September 9th.

Indeed, the adventurer of Koh-Lanta died of pancreatic cancer at the age of just 30. Since then, tributes have been raining down.

This Wednesday, November 11, Bertrand-Kamal would have blown his 31st candle. So for the occasion, Hadja sent him a final farewell on her Instagram account …


Indeed, Hadja had forged very solid ties with Bertrand-Kamal. For the occasion, she would have liked to be by his side …

“You would have been 31 today, happy birthday to you my brother,” the handball player wrote, sharing a photo from the show.

Then the young woman continued: “We thought we would have a big party because we celebrated your 30 years in the camp with a shell of rice and bananas …”

“We were a long way from thinking this was the last you would celebrate in Fiji away from your family, but you got to celebrate it with us, your new family. ”

“Fate is often cruel, but we have to accept it. With these moving words, Hadja assures him: “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. ”

“You marked the spirits my Beka, we will not forget you, I will not forget you! Rest in peace my brother. It’s in her heart, forever.


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