Hades Mod gives the game an unofficial expansion pack


Although it was in beta testing for some time, when the roguelike action Hades was fully launched in 2020, it seemed that it had conquered the gaming world by storm. Highly praised by both the general public and critics for the narration, music, dialogue and gameplay, Hades received the first ever Hugo Award for Best video game, as well as many other awards such as the BAFTA for Best Game. The title also showed impressive sales figures: at the time of writing, more than a million copies had been sold.

Given the success of Hades, many wondered why the developer Supergiant Games did not release any additional content for the game. Hades features famous characters from Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Aphrodite and Demeter. However, it does not contain all the gods of the Greek pantheon, and many prominent figures such as Apollo and Hephaestus are missing. For many fans, these figures would be a great addition to the Hades DLC. Instead of waiting for Supergiant to possibly make additions to the game, one fan has committed to giving Hades an unofficial expansion.

A modder known as AlexKage on Nexus Mods has created what they call “OlympusExtra”, additional content for Hades, which currently gives the player access to a new god. In particular, Hades players have access to the god of music, fortune telling and the bow Apollo with a unique hand-drawn design similar to other characters in the game. Like other gods, Apollo can also give gifts and improvements to Zagreus in “OlympusExtra”.

Apollo even has its own unique voice cues and sound effects. There are also double gifts that can be obtained, with the image of Apollo and a combination of the power of another god, for example, Athena, Dionysus and Zeus. While adding an additional god is enough to change the way Hades is played, AlexKage hasn’t done away with adding Apollo. It is currently planned to include Hephaestus, Hestia and Hera. While these gods will come with new benefits and everything else that God offers the player in Hades, there seems to be no intention to bring other additions to the game, such as adding some new Aspects of weapons for the use of Hades players. .

Since Hades is a very well-received game, fans constantly want more. The game has many features that will interest players for dozens of hours, including side quests, novels and a unique look at Greek mythology, which has interested so many players in Hades from the very beginning. Adding mods can make up for everything that fans think is missing from Hades by updating the game for those who think they’ve done everything the Underworld has to offer. Anyone who wants to download Apollo for their game can do it right now on Nexus Mods.

Hades is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.