Hades exceeds one million units sold


The Supergiant Games video game becomes a success with both critics and audiences. On temporary offer until September 24 for its launch.

Supergiant Games has communicated through social networks that Hades has reached one million units sold worldwide. After a long period of Early Access through PC (via Epic Games Store and Steam), the availability of the game in its final version from September 17 for PC and Nintendo Switch has been translated into an immediate success where the specialized critics and the public: this is an “excellent” video game.

More than 700,000 units sold in Early Access: Hades sweeps

That million units sold on Steam, Epic Games, and Nintendo’s hybrid console eShop didn’t come out of nowhere. There were more than 700,000 copies sold in the Early Access period, a trust that Supergiant Games has built over the years through titles such as Bastion (2011), Transistor (2014) and Pyre (2017), all with a majority reception positive.

The San Francisco, California-based studio is now celebrating this commercial milestone with a thank you message to users. “To all of our Early Access players: thank you. We designed Hades for Early Access convinced that you could help us make a better video game. It is exactly what you have done ”, they relate. Because the early access period guaranteed two things: first, that users familiar with Supergiant’s own gameplay would be able to test whether Hades was as they expected from the studio; the second, to identify those aspects that could be improved so that this creative vision was perfectly reflected at the controls.

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