Hades, analysis. SuperGiant plays another league


We incarnate ourselves as Zagreus, son of Hades, to try to escape from the Underworld in a colossal title.

Supergiant Games follows a very clear pattern. Design a quality game with an art style and outrageous soundtrack and move on to the next unexplored genre. In their three games so far they have not repeated the theme or playable mechanics. Bastion was a post-apocalyptic ARPG, Transistor was pulling more towards science fiction and with Pyre they dove into creating a visual novel and a sports game at the same time. So, with Hades, Supergiant once again renews itself, reinvents itself and creates a game where the only thing that identifies the studio is an artistic style reminiscent of quality comics and a soundtrack to remember.

This third title of the study came out a little over a year ago in Early Access as one of the most “finished” games to receive that name. Since then Supergiant has been adding and polishing, adding and polishing. Update after update, the owners of the game were seeing how tiles were added to the roguelike mosaic month after month, spinning new mechanics with a new story and making a finished game little by little. The end result leaves practically nothing to be desired and ends up establishing itself as probably the best Supergiant game.

The prodigal child

During the recent AMA of Supergiant games its main screenwriter Greg Kasavin commented on how there is a small fragment of a work by Aeschylus in which it was suggested, from Sisyphus’s point of view, that Hades had a son named Zagreus. This is the only mention that could find this figure and that is where the germ that drives the story of Hades is born. We embody this mysterious figure, finally resolved to escape the confines of the Underworld in search of a person very important to him.

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Since we are talking about Supergiant Games it goes without saying that each of the thousands of phrases that make up the plot has been carefully and tactfully crafted. Throughout our adventures we will meet a large cast of mythological creatures, all of them represented in a friendly and modernized way. Their super stylized portraits reveal the personality of the character on duty and we are fascinated by the fact that each one has their accessories that add nuances to this personality. Be it the skull that our protagonist wears on his shoulder or his laurel wreath, the huge diamond of Hades, the necklace of skulls of Nyx … The gods also need to be fashionable.


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