Had to Worry, Jimin Ex AOA Vacation With Seolhyun and His Friends


Since leaving AOA in July 2020, Shin Jimin has never uploaded the latest posts through his social media and has worried fans.


However, Jimin’s friend’s latest post managed to bring relief after he was seen on vacation with Seolhyun and two non-celebrity friends.

The various ‘mysterious’ photos uploaded by Jimin’s friends were successfully solved by fans and found Jimin even though only his back was visible to part of his face.

Not only that, fans also managed to find a photo uploaded by Jimin’s friend who is completely sure that the photo is a former AOA member through the blue line tattoo on his finger.

Through these photos, many fans and even netizens are relieved that Jimin is living his life happily, even though he has become a victim of fake news from Mina ex AOA.