Hackers Will Reveal ‘Dirty Clothes’ Of Celebrities If This Ransom Is Not Paid


The images of many famous names such as Lady Gaga, Lizzo and Madonna have been stolen by hackers! While data belonging to the US entertainment law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks are stolen by hackers; In return for the data, the amount of ransom was doubled.

According to a report by Fox News, the hacker group REvil; Increased ransom requests in return for files containing personal information about high profile celebrities such as Lady Gaga, U2 and US President Donald Trump. The files containing this confidential data belonged to lawyer Allen Grubman.

Hackers; They claim that they stole 756 GB of data, including the company’s contracts, personal emails and correspondence with customers.

Hackers also deleted some of the firm’s backup files, encrypted some, and stated that they wanted a ransom for passwords.

Grubman refused to negotiate with the hacker group. An anonymous source on the subject stated in the news:

“In the opinion of Grubman, if they pay the ransom, hackers can still share the data with the public. In addition, the FBI stated that this attack is considered an act of international terrorism and does not negotiate with terrorists. ”

The hacker group made a statement Thursday that threatened to publish President Donald Trump’s “dirty laundry” if the ransom was not paid.

The hackers issued emails mentioning President Donald Trump and claimed that they would publish much more dirty data if the ransom was not paid. The desired amount is $ 42 million.


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