Hackers put data for The Witcher 3, Gwent


Data from Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent and an unpublished version of The Witcher 3 were apparently released in a virtual auction this Wednesday (10). The information was allegedly obtained in the hacker attack against CD Projekt Red earlier this week. Cybercriminals put the information up for sale at an initial bid of $ 1,000 ($ 5,300 at the current price), but there are chances that the sale will be fake, just taking advantage of the recent news.

The hackers had given the developer 48 hours to answer them. However, in a statement the Polish company said it would not negotiate with criminals and would take the case to the police.

To prove that the files are true, the alleged ones involved in the attack posted excerpts of the data in the forum “Exploit”, famous in the computing community. In addition, Gwent’s leaked files are already circulating in other places like 4chan.

This situation was first published on Twitter by the profile “vx_underground”, a group that collects and compiles malware source codes. They claimed that the company’s data had been leaked and posted a screenshot showing various folders and files. Soon after they said it was Gwent’s source code.

Gwent source code

Part of the alleged source code for Gwent was released on the internet

“The authors of the ransomware said that they are not going to auction the data anywhere else and that any other place outside the Exploit is fake,” said the group’s account.

This method of releasing bits of information after hacker attacks is a cybercriminal’s practice. To prove the action and force the victims to give in, they usually disclose part of the content that was stolen. Despite this, so far it is not possible to verify whether this information was actually the result of the attack suffered by CD Projekt Red.

Hacker attack

The criminal action against the Polish developer was released by herself last Monday (08). Through its social networks, the company said that its internal servers had been attacked by ransomware.

Along with the attack, the criminals left a text asking the brand’s leaders to contact them within 48 hours. CD Projekt Red denied the possibility of negotiation, arguing that it could recover encrypted information through backups. On the other hand, the company admitted that information about future projects could leak in the coming days.


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