Hackers Profit With Bitcoins They Stole

Hacker holding laptop with bitcoin icons on the screen. Finance and technology concept

Cyber ​​criminals move the Bitcoins they stole four years ago by hacking the big crypto exchange Bitfinex. Hackers are known to make serious profits with these coins.

Whale Alert reported a few hours ago that another episode of Bitcoin stolen from Bitfinex was transferred during the hack in 2016. The total amount of BTC that hackers had four years ago is known to be worth $ 72 million. On June 7, 2016, cybercriminals stole $ 72 million from Bitfinex. (Approximately 120 thousand BTC according to the current rate). Since then, hackers have been moving small amounts of money they have stolen. This time, a transaction of 77.644901 BTC was detected.

BTC has surpassed $ 10,000 for the first time since the BTC supply halted on May 11th. The previous transfer of BTC, which was stolen from Bitfinex, occurred ten days ago – May 22. Later, hackers carried $ 255,863 (28.4 BTC).

Bitcoin Over $ 10k

Bitcoin maximalist and entrepreneur Jimmy Song shared BTC news on his Twitter page. Like many BTC maximalists, Song believes that the biggest cryptocurrency will be much more valuable in the future by breaking a new record. After the sudden growth, which is thought to be caused by great pressure and social unrest in the USA, some people from the crypto community are waiting for the BTC price to go up. According to CoinMarketCap data, BTC was trading at $ 10 thousand 114 as of writing the news.


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