Hackers Caused Problems In PSDB Preview App, Says Faurgs


PSDB: Last Tuesday (23rd), serious security problems were found in the application that registers the votes of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) previews. But it seems that it was not a failure: the Support Foundation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Faurgs), responsible for the program, revealed that hackers are to blame for the problem.

According to information from Faurgs, it is possible that the failure was caused by hackers, since the app had access congestion incompatible with the number of voters registered in the app.

“The votes so far registered will not be lost, and the security of the system has not been affected. The entire process is being monitored by technicians representing the three registered plates, ensuring smoothness and transparency”, revealed Faurgs to TecMundo.

Crashes caused by hackers

As revealed by the project director at Faurgs, Hugo Müller Neto, the foundation produced ten versions before offering the final application and, despite the problem found, all tests showed satisfactory results. However, Faurgs did not point out any other problems or technical details.

“There is growing awareness that the PSDB may have been the victim of a hacker attack. Regardless of the measures to be taken by the party, it is especially up to the Foundation, as the provider of the contracted solution (application, voting system, infrastructure and operation), to carry out the due diligence to clarify what happened”, revealed the PSDB after the problem was revealed.