Hackers attack Federal Government after STJ


The Federal District government took down all of its systems this afternoon (5) when it noticed an attempted hacker attack. According to the DF Department of Economics, action was taken to stop the invasion and preserve the integrity of the district government database.

When confirming the attempted attack, the secretariat informed that the Secretariat of Technology of the DF “was already on alert for possible attempts and is already working to solve the problem”. This is because other pages and other systems of Brazilian public institutions were victims of attacks this week.


The Ministry of Health, for example, had its e-mail communication system completely inoperative. The portfolio also ran out of internet and landline this morning (5). In a note, the Ministry said that: “the technical team of the SUS Computer Department (Datasus) investigates what caused the problem and works to restore the service, but there is no forecast for the return of the system”.

The extent of the damage caused to the Ministry of Health’s systems is not yet known. In addition, the National Council of Justice and other agencies have also suffered attacks, but we still do not have concrete information on the size of the problem.

Worst ever

On Monday (2), the first and worst hacker attack of the week hit the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ). Hackers managed to encrypt the institution’s entire database, including backups, which were apparently saved on the same network of servers. The STJ has been totally in the dark since then, and there is no forecast for resumption at the moment.

The attack on the STJ is being considered the worst in the history of Brazil due to the size and importance of the data hijacked by the hackers. There are thousands of lawsuits and official e-mail communications that have accumulated since the founding of the Court. It is not known whether the STJ will ever be able to access this database again.


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