HackerConf 2021 Event To Be Held On January 20


The cyber security and hacking event “HackerConf”, which attracted great attention last year, will be held for the second time in the coming days. This event, which will be organized by the Twitch channel MDISEC, will take place on Wednesday, January 20.

Twitch channel named “MDISEC”, which gave important information to everyone interested in cyber security with a conference it organized last year, plans to make a quick start to 2021. In this context, the channel, which will organize an event in the coming days, will make those who want to learn about cyber security and hacking will spend an unforgettable day.

MDISEC’s new conference is named “HackerConf 2021”. As part of the events to be held on Wednesday, January 20, hackers will explain various infiltration techniques to their enthusiasts. In addition, as part of the event that will continue throughout the day, “How to Take AA in Online Exams During Pandemic Period? and “Visiting Istanbul for 0 TL!” Interesting topics like.

The HackerConf conference will be held on Twitch this year, like last year. The event, which will start at 09:59, will continue until the evening hours. Thus, during the days when we stay at our homes, you will be saturated with details about cyber security and hacking.

You can watch the promotional video for HackerConf 2021 below.


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