Hacker minors: 571 arrested in Spain


They have been with Informatics since its inception. For some they are criminals, for others they are role models. Hackers are increasingly the stars in this increasingly electronic, online and connected today. And as such they seduce youth, who see their keyboarding skills and systems as an example to follow – pointing out that there are also ‘white hat hackers’ at the service of the Law.

Hacking as a service

And it is only necessary to search Google for ‘how to hack a computer’, a search that in just 0.4 seconds can offer almost 700,000 pages as a result. Another option is ‘hacking as a service’, or hacking sold as a service to pay / hire, since it is possible to buy a Trojan for about $ 20 (17 euros) or a ‘ransomware’ for less than $ 100 ( € 85) in virtual stores.

According to data from the INE, the National Statistics Institute of Spain, the tendency is to become a ‘hacker’ when the age of majority has not yet been reached, something that reflects well the fact that only during the past year in Spain were there 571 arrests of minors under 18 years of age for committing cyber crimes.

These figures undoubtedly constitute “the tip of an iceberg difficult to quantify”, as the cybersecurity company Panda has pointed out in a statement, which warns of “many more cases of boys who commit cybercrimes on a daily basis.”

Hacking tutorials on YouTube

And it is that everything is within reach of a click basically. Currently anyone can find so-called downloadable exploit packages in one click, or access tutorials even through Google, Bing searches or on video platforms such as YouTube. And of course, Internet forums are another point of contact between minors and cybercrime.

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