A Hacker Hits $ 250,000 on Cryptocurrency Exchange Bisq


A hacker stole about $ 250,000 worth of cryptocurrencies from 7 different users, taking advantage of a software vulnerability on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bisq. After the deficit was closed, operations started again.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) Bisq was shaken by cyber attack. A hacker stole over $ 250,000 in cryptocurrencies at Bisq, which allows users to convert crypto anonymously using a critical software vulnerability.

Bisq disabled its trades after the late Tuesday night attack. The crypto exchange didn’t share any information about the vulnerability or whether user funds are safe. He stated that he took an unprecedented step only 18 hours after stopping the activities.

Cryptocurrency worth $ 250,000 stolen
“About 24 hours ago, we discovered that an attacker took advantage of a vulnerability targeting individual transactions in the Bisq trading protocol. We detected about 3 BTCs and 4,000 XMRs stolen from 7 different victims,” ​​Bisq said in a statement. used expressions.

According to PressDeadk data, the value of the stolen cryptocurrencies was determined as approximately $ 22,000 bitcoin (BTC) and $ 230,000 monero (XMR). So the hacker stole over $ 250,000 in total cryptocurrencies.

Open closed, processes started again
The vulnerability has come along with the latest update to the trading protocol designed to improve the platform and remove trusted third parties from the platform. Bisq managed to close the deficit on Wednesday and reported that the transactions have started again.

Configured as a decentralized independent organization (DAO), Bisq was launched in late 2018 as a cryptocurrency conversion system. Although Bisq works in the same way as other DEXs, users can trade anonymously without registration or authentication.


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