Hacker hijacks chastity belt and asks for Bitcoin ransom


A connected chastity belt called CellMate, which has known security flaws, allows hackers to “hijack” users’ penises. According to reports obtained by Motherboard, at least two people had the product locked by cybercriminals and received a ransom request in Bitcoin, but ended up escaping the scam.

According to the website, users received a message from cybercriminals saying “your penis is mine now”. The hackers asked for a payment of 0.02 bitcoin to release the device, which gives approximately R $ 4,000.

CellMate owners who spoke to MotherBoard reported that they were not wearing the connected chastity belt at the time the hackers took control of the device. That is, attempts to kidnap the genitalia and ask for a ransom have failed in the known cases.

Unresolved failures

CellMate is a connected chastity belt produced by the Chinese company Qiui. The product works with an application-controlled lock, which has serious security holes in its code.

Experts discovered in October last year that the CellMate application API has several security vulnerabilities. In addition to allowing hackers to take control of the mechanism to secure the penis, Qiui’s technology does not protect data such as users’ location and password.

Qiui has been aware of problems with its device since the middle of last year. However, as the reports of attacks prove, the company has not yet corrected the security flaws of the peculiar connected device.


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