Hacker Group Anonymous Published A Threatened Video About George Floyd Murder


The world-famous hacker group Anonymous has released a ‘threatening’ video about the George Floyd murder that caused the US uprising. The hacker group explicitly targeted the Minneapolis Police Department over the cops and said it would have consequences if the necessary steps were not taken.

World-renowned hacker group Anonymous, known for protesting various political events by attacking government-owned sites, has released a new video that fell like a bomb. The hacker group explicitly targeted the Minneapolis Police Department over the cops who killed George Floyd, who was murdered in the video he published on social media.

In the shared video, the words “Take the necessary steps regarding the police who killed # GeorgeFloyd, otherwise wait for the steps we will take” were remarkable. The video, which was shared hundreds of times by many different users, was watched by millions of people in a short time. YouTube’s deletion of the video was criticized by many people.

‘We are a big group, wait for us’


A narrator wearing a mask in the shared video said that they do not rely on a “corrupt organization” to achieve justice, so they will share many crimes of those concerned with the world. In the video of the hacker group, exactly these sentences are included:

“Civil servants who kill people and commit crimes must be convicted of crime like us. Otherwise, they believe that they have a document that they can do what they want. You will argue that only a few bad cops have tainted the name of all good cops, but what happens if these bad cops commit crimes against you and those who refuse to punish those bad cops while other ‘good’ cops stop there?

People are tired of this corruption and the violence of this institution, which has promised to protect people. After the events of the past years, many people began to understand that you are not here to protect us, but to suppress us and fulfill the wishes of the criminal ruling class.

You are here to keep people in control, not to keep people under control. In fact, you are the mechanism used by the elite to maintain the global pressure mechanism.

The world is now starting to open its eyes, and every blood spilled without a consequence makes people even more angry. These officers should be punished with criminal charges and especially Officer Chauvin should be prosecuted for murder. Unfortunately, we do not trust your corrupt justice system, so we will reveal the crimes you committed. We are a big group. Wait for us. ”

Saying that George Floyd’s death is the “only visible face of the iceberg”, the hacker group said he should be punished by officers who kill people and commit crimes. After this video, it was claimed that the websites and digital radio systems of the Minneapolis and Chicago police departments were hacked.


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