A Hacker Gets User Information By Bribeing Roblox Employee


An employee of Roblox, who has millions of players, agreed to take bribes from the hacker. Thanks to this, the hacker, reaching the user information and much more, said “I did it to draw attention to a point” on the subject.

A hacker bribed the company’s employee to access the customer support panel of Roblox, one of the world-famous games. The employee, who provided access to Hackera, presented personal information and in-game virtual currencies to more than 100 million users. With this access permission, the hacker was able to see users’ email addresses, change their passwords, remove 2-factor verification from their accounts, block users, and much more.

Roblox; A game that can be played on PC, Xbox and mobile platforms. Users can create their own games with their platform engines or the platforms of others. Roblox players can purchase game packs or cosmetic items with in-game money for their own characters to gain more power and abilities. In addition, Roblox game developers can earn money by converting their created platforms into cash. The game is very popular, especially among children who are closely interested in YouTube, and families use this platform for game days and parties during the coronavirus outbreak. Roblox’s goal is to bring the world together through the game.

YouTuber Linkmon99’s information was also captured:
Accessing the information of users in the game, the hacker shared screenshots of the customer support panel containing Roblox user data. Most of the screenshots included personal information like Roblox players’ email addresses, but among these few players were high profile players like YouTuber Linkmon99. Linkmon99 is known to be the richest player in Roblox given the limited in-game items.

The hacker may have accessed the information of many users, but it appears to be content with a limited number of accounts. “I did this just to prove something to them,” said the Hacker on the subject. In addition, the hacker stated that 2 users changed their passwords and sold their belongings. The Roblox official said in a statement that they took the necessary measures to fix the problem and that a small number of users were affected.


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