Hacker discovers possible new versions of Tesla Model S


Carmaker Tesla may soon announce new versions of the Model S and Model X electric cars, with minor updates to the look and function. In 2019, both cars received changes in price and battery, but without other significant changes.

The breakthrough came from @greentheonly, a hacker specializing in finding Tesla news from analyzing code present in the company’s software updates – it was the news that the brand works in an “expanded view” for autopilot, for example.

According to the specialist, the two new models are called “P2” in the code and bring two striking new features: the Autopilot 3.2 autonomy hardware and a cabin-facing camera, an accessory that is only present in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles and serves for safety purposes only, especially when cars are used only as autonomous means of transport. The code includes other details, but an “informal agreement” between the company and the programmer keeps the hottest information secret. For now, there is no ad preview for model updates.

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