Hacker conducts the strangest cyberattack in history


A clueless hacker changed the authorized fingerprints of a business to enter his own, but with it left evidence of the attack.

A group of North American computer scientists that is dedicated to the detection of cyber attacks, has a very strange crime in their history, it would be the first attack in which a hacker intentionally left his fingerprints at the crime scene.

According to the Darktrace company, said crime is considered one of the most stupid in history, as considered by its director, Maximilian Heinemeyer, in statements to Forbes magazine and taken up by the RT en Español portal.

The attack occurred in 2018, but it has just been revealed by the computer scientist within a selection of cases investigated with artificial intelligence, where cybercriminals tried to access the security system of a luxury goods business.

A hacker hardly ever leaves a trace of the attack

In cyberattack investigations, fingerprints are rarely found among the evidence leading to the offender, but in that case they played a key role, both in the crime and in the discovery of the culprit.

That was because the Darktrace customer had installed ten fingerprint readers to restrict access to their warehouses in an effort to reduce risk. Unbeknownst to the company, a hacker used the weaknesses of one of the scanners.

“In perhaps the strangest move yet for a hacker, they began removing authorized fingerprints and uploading their own hoping to gain physical access.”

AI helps combat cyberattacks

However, artificial intelligence caught that attempt because one scanner behaved differently from the others. Thus, the security team realized the attack in a matter of minutes and from the first moment had strong evidence.

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According to Maximilian Heinemeyer, this baffling crime is by far one of the dumbest cyberattacks he has seen in his career, as the perpetrator exposed himself by leaving his own fingerprints.


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