Hacker attack on TSE sought to discredit Elections


The attempts of cyber attack on the system of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) that occurred yesterday (15), were the result of a coordinated operation to “discredit the Electoral Justice”. This is what the investigation carried out by SaferNet, a non-governmental organization that is a partner of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), in monitoring digital electoral fraud points out.

According to the president of the entity Thiago Tavares, the denial of service (DDoS) attack, which targeted the TSE, was carried out well before this Sunday’s elections on 23 October. However, the action was only released on the date of the election.

Also according to Tavares, this initiative to publicize the hacker attack on polling day was intended to “cause more impact” and put the TSE’s credibility in doubt. In addition, it would eventually serve as ammunition for defeated candidates at the polls, who could allege fraud in the unfavorable outcome for them.

Parallel to the disclosure of the previous action of cybercriminals, which led to the leakage of old information from the Human Resources sector of the Electoral Justice, there was a new DDoS attack on the TSE website, on Sunday morning, to take the page down.

No relation to the slowness of the counting

At first, the Sunday morning attacks were unrelated to the delay in counting the votes. According to TSE president Luís Roberto Barroso, the campaign launched by the hackers was repelled in time, preventing access to the system.

He said that the slow disclosure of the results was caused by a technical problem in one of the processors of the supercomputer responsible for totaling the result. Even with this explanation, the news ended up serving as fuel for several questions to the TSE system on social networks.

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