Hacker attack government to make site ‘shield’ on STJ


With one or more hackers still on the loose after attacks on the STJ and other federal bodies, the Office of Institutional Security of the Presidency of the Republic (GSI) manifested itself through an alert issued by Minister General Augusto Heleno, in which it requests the websites of the federal government that limit access to your servers. The intention is to “arm” these platforms against external attacks.

According to the GSI, the body responsible for providing advice on military and security matters, the control of administrative access, that is, of employees of the agencies, would make fewer servers go online at the same time. In addition to limiting access, the agency recommends that more restrictions be created on existing ones, so that servers are unable to access all areas.

Ransomware attacks

In the past few days, an attack has successfully hit the systems of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). The invasion, still under investigation by the Federal Police, left the court completely paralyzed for a week, resuming its activities only last Tuesday (10). In the Executive Branch, the Ministry of Health also reported having been the target of viruses.

The GSI special alert denounces a massive campaign of ransomware attacks, a virus that encrypts access to the infected system with a key, and offers unlocking by paying a ransom in cryptocurrencies. If left unattended, criminals can delete files or even publish them, if this is more damaging.

The material produced by the GSI is part of the work produced by a task force that includes the Digital Government Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy and the Center for the Treatment and Response to Government Cyber ​​Incidents (Ctir), which integrates actions by the Federal Police , Dataprev and Serpro.

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