Hacked cryptocurrency company


Spanish cryptocurrency trading platform 2gether.global has announced that it stole $ 1.4 million in cryptocurrencies after the attack. The company reported that the loss could not be covered at this stage, but they were trying to find the necessary funds.

The cryptocurrency trading platform 2gether.global said on Sunday that it was unable to cover the $ 1.4 million loss it experienced after the ‘hacking’ attack on July 31.

In the statement made, “We are trying to find the fund that will cover all damage in a few days after the attack. If we are more open, we are working with an investment group that we could not reach an agreement a few seconds ago. ”

As a result of the attack, ‘hackers’ stole $ 1.12 million of funds, and this figure is 27% of company funds. The platform, on the other hand, offered to make payments to its customers who have suffered losses during this entire process of resolution, via the exchange’s own token, 2GT:

“In order to compensate the damage caused by the stolen cryptocurrencies, we want to pay you with 2GT tokens and give 2GT equal to 5 cents, which is the token’s exit price.”

Also in the company’s statement, “Besides all these, we continue our efforts to bring your crypto money back to you as soon as possible. In this way, you will get back all of your positions and you will have the number of 2GT tokens to be calculated from the exit price. ”

On the other hand, the company did not provide information on how the vulnerability occurred or when to start paying customers.

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