Gympass closes partnership with Strava and app will be offered to customers globally


Present in 10 countries around the world, the subscription service for gyms Gympass has officially announced an important addition for its customers in all markets it operates (including Brazil), thanks to a close partnership with Strava, a well-known fitness monitoring app. indoor and outdoor physical activities.


According to the information brought by the staff of the mobile team, the partnership will allow Gympass users to have access to the app at no extra cost and in all languages ​​supported by the app in question.

For Michael Horvath. Strava’s CEO, the partnership reinforces the commitment to athletes and will allow more people to set goals, track their progress and more.

“Strava and Gympass have a lot in common, and this partnership reinforces our commitment to athletes. We know that people keep people active, and when more athletes have access to a Strava subscription, they receive a full experience and more tools to set goals, follow along. your progress, challenge your friends and connect with people around the world”

For Rodrigo Silveira, Senior Vice President of New Business at Gympass, having Strava as a partner reinforces the effort to reinvent well-being, bringing health and quality of life to millions of people.

“All our efforts are focused on reinventing well-being, making it universal, engaging and accessible, and with each new partnership we are very fulfilled and proud of the journey we are building with more than 3,000 companies that are also concerned with the health of its employees and their families. Having Strava on this journey is knowing that we are together bringing health and quality of life to millions of people”

Remember that Strava is accessible by users through compatible smartphones and smartwatches, including Android, WearOS, Apple Watch and iOS, and can be accessed through the card below.


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