Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Christmas range includes a $30,000 sex chair and flamingo compost.


As well as flamingo compost and a “personalized soul song”.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness company Goop has released its annual gift guide.

The website now has gift guides covering 10 different categories, including skin care and beauty products, as well as fashion and home goods.

The guidebooks have a list of premium 100 percent bamboo toilet paper priced at $44 (£38), as well as a sex chair called Tufted Boudoir Chaise for $28,500 (£25,054).

Elsewhere in the directory, a Gucci dog poop bag holder sells for $420 (£369), and a children’s fleece robe with angel wings costs $99 (£87).

Goop is often criticized for its controversial products, including vagina-scented candles, and this year they are offering free-range flamingo excrement compost for $75 (£65) per bag, as well as an “individual soul song” for $225 (£197). which is described as a 12-minute piano composition inspired by your planetary alignment at birth.

In 2021, the State Unitary Enterprise was sued because of one of the many statements that a candle with a vaginal aroma exploded in a person’s house.

Court documents seen by The Guardian claimed that the client’s candle “caught fire” after burning for three hours and “exploded.”Gorenje

It is reported that after the incident, a “black ring” was left on his bedside table, and the jar was “charred and black.”

Watson’s lawyers demanded compensation from Goop for their client and others who had previously acted, who “through no fault of their own bought defective and dangerous vaginal-scented candles.”


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