Gwent: Rogue Mage — the answer to the riddle of every trickster (at the moment)


How The Trickster Works Answers to the Riddles of The Trickster Event

Gwent: Rogue Mage shakes up the traditional Gwent experience by adding elements of roguelike: traversing various additional routes across the continent, creating a deck one random set at a time, and participating in various events that offer both opportunities and risks.
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Events are one of the most dynamic and transformative aspects of the game. Providing new cards, giving the player the opportunity to play with Energy, and giving the player the opportunity to exchange treasures for unknown rewards — events can create or interrupt a series. One of the most challenging events is the Trickster, which offers a series of riddles. Here’s everything a player needs to know about the Trickster event.
How the Trickster works
Randomness is one of the best components of roguelike: it is what makes the game interesting, changing elements with each passing. The player never knows the exact order of enemies, the location of cards or the distribution of treasures, so surviving to the end is always a unique task, so beginners need all the help they can get.
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The Trickster event is one of the best examples of the roguelike formula in action in Gwent: Rogue Mage. Moving around the map, players can engage in battle, collect treasures, gain access to Places of Power or start events. The player never knows what event will happen, and the probability of a Trickster appearing is very small. Even when a Trickster event happens, the riddles he asks are random.
Answers to the riddles of the Trickster events
All the answers to the Trickster riddles are based on the Witcher’s knowledge, so avid fans who know about the characters and their knowledge have an advantage. The Trickster riddle is a difficult problem because new riddles are still being discovered. However, thanks to the excellent work of XIOZ and other Rogue Mage fans on Steam, many Trickster puzzles have already been solved, which is a true testament to the ingenuity and teamwork of the players. Here are the answers that are known (so far).
Riddle: “As for the fork-tails, bait them like this: drive a stake into the ground, tie a goat to it, and then hastily hide in the nearest bushes.” Answer: Fork tail.
Riddle: “Gregoire? That mountain of muscle wrapped in armor? Of course I’ve heard of him! Who hasn’t heard?” Answer: Gregoire de Gorgon.
Riddle: “If I tell you that koshchei is death, you will still go to the stream, right?” Answer: Koschey.
Riddle: “As King Foltest likes to say, it’s not the size that matters, but whether he does his job.” Answer: Foltest’s pride.
Riddle: “All it takes is a small hole for the biggest ship to sink.” Answer: The horror of the seas.
Riddle: “It’s not betrayal if you’re on the winning side.” Answer: Targvi Tuirseah.
Riddle: “Addiction to shiny trinkets is not a unique trait of the magpie.” Answer: Gael.
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Riddle: “Dh’oin can turn anything into a weapon. Even a simple cart.” Answer: Wagenberg.
Riddle: “Griffins like to play with their prey. Eat them alive, piece by piece.” Answer:
Riddle: “Knut, son of Olaf? Yes, the jarl’s nickname has never fit so well.” Answer: The Whip is Heartless.
Riddle: “It’s just a scratch, right?” Answer: Drummond is a Berserker.
Riddle: “Escape from them? In the waters of Skellige? Good luck.” Answer: The light ship Dimun.
Riddle: “…I was looking at a panther…” Answer: Panther.
Riddle: “…Her worst nightmare could be yours.” Answer: Ethereal.
Players who solve the Trickster puzzle correctly will receive a random treasure, which is one of the best in the game, but those who answer incorrectly will lose the treasure. The player will also receive a reference “I understand this reference!” achievement for the correct solution of the riddle.
Gwent: Rogue Mage is available for PC, Android and iOS.