Gwen Stefani Talks About Why Blake Shelton Is Leaving The Voice And Whether She Will Return Without Him


Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton seem to be enjoying their joint participation in “The Voice” as the first husband and wife working in a coaching group. The two had some pleasant moments, even when they had to fight each other, and their marriage was tested by Carson Daly. However, it looks like it will be a one-off thing as Shelton will be leaving the show after season 23. The No Doubt frontman found out the truth about the reasons why her husband hangs his hat on a nail after more than a decade, and asked if we can still see her on the show in future seasons.

The “Just a Girl” singer told Extra that she feels sorry for the fans of “The Voice” who will miss how Blake Shelton will train singers at the NBC competition, and at the same time troll everyone around him. But she noted that the show, in addition to his own music career, makes him very busy, and the country star just wants to be able to spend time on other things. Stephanie said:

I think he just wants more time. I do not know if people understand that if he does two seasons a year, he tours between them. So he actually has two commands at the same time at a certain point. So they overlap. This is a lot of brain power. It’s a lot of time away from family, things like that. I think he just hit the nail on the head, he just wants to spend time on his ranch, time to do other things that he loves to do. I’m totally speaking for you, Blake, I’m sorry. I’m married to you, so I can say whatever I want.

In 2021, questions began to arise as to how long Blake Shelton would remain on the series. “The Voice” celebrated its 10th anniversary, and as the only coach who was there from the very beginning, the “No Body” singer indicated that his departure “is not far off”. His priorities in general seem to have changed after marrying Gwen Stefani. The couple celebrated their first anniversary this summer, and he even talked about his country music career coming to an end.

Gwen Stefani met Blake Shelton when she joined the coaching group The Voice in season 7. She’s been coming and going for the last eight years as fans have watched their relationship unfold in front of their eyes, but she won’t be back in Shelton’s final season. . Kelly Clarkson will return to the competition to revive the rivalry with the cowboy, and they will be joined by newcomers Chance the Rapper and NIall Horan. However, is there a chance that we will see Stephanie next season without her husband? She said:

I have no idea. Every season I’ve been on the show, it’s like at the last minute, “Do you want to come back?” And I’m like, “Yes! Why did you wait so long to call me? You know I love this show.” …Yes, ask me, I’ll be back. Although it would be very strange without Blake. I don’t even know what’s going to happen.

The ’90s ska rocker has already said that now that they’re married, The Voice feels different, so I can’t imagine what it would be like for her to spend a season without Blake Shelton. For now, however, they have the remainder of season 22 that has reached the live portion of the competition, and Gwen Stefani may just see her team take on Blake’s team in the finale.

The Voice continues at 20:00. ET Monday, November 21, with 13 best performances. Also check out our TV program for 2022 to find out which other shows will premiere before the end of the year.


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