Gundam: Netflix announces live-action of the giant robot franchise


Gundam: Netflix announced the development of Gundam, a live-action adaptation of the classic animation franchise about giant robots called Mobile Suits. The film will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island, and will feature a screenplay by Brian K. Vaughan, the famous cartoonist responsible for Y: The Last Man. Further details about the project have not yet been revealed, such as plot and release date.

Created in 1979 by the Sunrise studio, the title has won several productions in different media over the decades and has gained great popularity by consolidating the mecha anime genre. The original series is set in a distant future, known as Universal Century, in which human colonies in space struggle for independence from Earth. The news was confirmed by the platform’s profile on Twitter:

In this context, the franchise featured several elements of science fiction, such as space wars and technologically advanced universes, in a realistic tone and marked by narration. It also became the most profitable license for Bandai, a maker of toys and collectible figures, and because of its importance to Japanese popular culture, it won a “life-size” statue in Tokyo.

When considering the choice of Vogt-Roberts for the post and in view of his work on the giant gorilla reboot, the attraction is expected to bring a new epic adventure to the screens. The film will be released around the world exclusively on the streaming service, with the exception of China, which will also have screenings in theaters through distribution by the production company Legendary.


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