Gun attack near the Synagogue in Vienna


An armed attack took place near a Synagogue in the Schwedenplatz area of ​​Austria’s capital, Vienna. 7 people died in the attack.

According to the news in Sputnik, a police officer was seriously injured during the attack. In a statement, the Vienna police stated that many people were injured as a result of the attack and that a ‘major operation’ was started to catch the attacker. The police also called on citizens to stay away from the scene.

On the other hand, Austrian media announced that people in some restaurants were taken hostage. The claim has not yet been confirmed by the official authorities.


On the other hand, it was reported that one of the attackers detonated an explosive on him. In their next statement, the Vienna police announced that one attacker was killed and the other fled.

However, it was reported that 7 people died in the attack. It is not yet known whether the attack was a terrorist act or not.

While many gunshots were heard near the synagogue, it was learned that the attacker escaped from the scene. A large-scale investigation was initiated into the incident.


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