Guitar Hero: 10 unpopular opinions, according to Reddit


Despite the fact that the Guitar Hero franchise has largely disappeared from mainstream pop culture, there are still a huge number of fans who appreciate games through the Guitar Hero subreddit, which currently has more than 34,700 members, despite the age of the once mega-popular game franchise.

However, the fact that many members of the subreddit like this series does not mean that they necessarily agree on everything about the games. Although there are arguments in favor of the return of Guitar Hero, there will always be those who like games, and those who have unpopular opinions about them.

Guitar Hero 1 is better than Guitar Hero 3

Guitar Hero achieved instant success after the release of the first game back in 2005, and for some subsequent games did not meet the standards set by the first part of the series. Redditor iraqis specifically calls the third Guitar Hero less enjoyable than the first.

“I love this game and actually enjoy it more than gh3, which usually causes the most hype,” they say, calling the first game “underrated.” Taking into account both the higher score received by later entries and the fact that one of the two commentators laid out a fairly detailed rationale for why this is not the case, this is clearly not a widely shared opinion.

Guitar Hero 2 is great only because of nostalgia

Nostalgia is driving the entertainment industry these days, from reboots to long-awaited sequels and even shows like Very strange cases that represent new objects, but profit from nostalgia for the era in which they occur. For myspacedeathcorecuck, nostalgia is the only reason Guitar Hero 2 is so beloved.

“Guitar hero 2 probably ranks 4th among the best games in the series,” they say, and is popular only “because of the nostalgia factor,” not because it’s a really good game, since this user considers the game a “nightmare.” This word seems a bit strained even for those who might agree, though, judging by the comments that few in the Guitar Hero community make.

Guitar Hero 2 is impossible to play

However, one user who agrees with myspacedeathcorecuck is xXBeefyDjXx, who “can’t stand GH2,” and while some of the songs were enjoyable, its “overall playability is fucking awful, no matter how I calibrate it.”

Considering Guitar Hero 2 is one of the best rhythm games ever made, it’s a pity that this user had such a bad experience. At least myspace found it to be in the middle of the package, indicating that it was at least playable for them. Any game that can’t be played will leave an unpleasant residue in the players’ mouths, so while this seems like a rare problem, the reaction is also understandable.

Guitar Hero 3 playlist is not true

“Hot Answer: Guitar Hero 3 couldn’t handle a mediocre playlist,” wrote _guppster in a thread dedicated to hot views on the game franchise, a quote to which the TerminX13 respondent specifically responded by simply writing: “Vomit Emoticons.”

Considering, as the user wolfchant123 noted, that half of the songs in Smash Hits are taken from the Guitar Hero 3 playlist, it is quite difficult to understand that the entire set of songs can be mediocre. Add to this the fact that Guitar Hero 3 has the highest rating in the franchise on IMDb, and it seems that not only the fans, but also the developer Neversoft disagreed with this.

Guitar Hero Live – Best recording

A live-service video game that needed a comeback, Guitar Hero Live remains the most recent entry in the Guitar Hero series in part due to the fact that the game did not impress in terms of sales after launch. Part of the problem, as reported by Screen Rant, was that games require the purchase of a custom-made controller, which is impractical for any other console games.

Nevertheless, for KarmelCHAOS, the 2015 release was the best of the entire series. “GHLive is the best incarnation of Guitar Hero, and I’m sad that the servers are shutting down,” they said, posting a message less than three months before the servers closed in December 2018, leaving only 42 songs out of 484 on the disc. the servers were able to add, according to Polygon.

Guitar Hero World Tour – the best game in the series

Unlike KarmelCHAOS, the user Deadha3 on Reddit believes that the best game is in the older part of the series, and not in the first three. “World Tour is my favorite game in the series,” the poster says, acknowledging that this is an unpopular opinion among fans of the franchise who prefer the originals.

The fourth part of the main series, Guitar Hero: World Tour, released in 2008, offered a character creation system that gave players more freedom and personalization during the game, which players never liked.