Guilty Gear Strive sets its release in April 2021 for PS4


Guilty Gear Strive will arrive in different editions that will give access to various additional content: characters, settings, skins and a new story.

The health crisis due to the coronavirus during this year 2020 has caused havoc in the development of Guilty Gear Strive, since Arc System Works-also creators of Dragon Ball FighterZ- had no choice but to delay the launch of the game until the year coming. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long, and it will be available on the same day April 9 in its different versions: PS4, PS5 and PC.

The best fight at the hands of Arc Systeam Works

This will be the case in the case of the Standard Edition, since the game will also come with two different limited editions that will give a 3-day early access to the game, so that those who get one of them will be able to start playing from day 6 However, the game will not be completely open, since this access will be limited to 13 characters, offline modes and the prologues of the story modes. From day 9 it will be fully available, with its 15 characters and all its game modes.

In the case of these editions, the Deluxe Edition will contain a collection of Guilty Gear Strive plus the Season Pass 1. On the other hand, the most expensive edition will be the Ultimate Edition, which will include, in addition to the above, a digital art book, a digital soundtrack and skins for each of its characters. Both the standard edition and the Ultimate Edition -which will not reach PC- will be available in both physical and digital formats, while the Deluxe Edition can only be purchased in digital format.

As for the specific content of Season Pass 1, it is known that it will include 5 additional characters, 2 scenarios, a color pack for characters -5 for each one- and a new chapter for the story. These contents will gradually arrive at Guilty Gear Strive, while the “1” clearly suggests that there will be more Season Passes in the future.

Before its launch, which as we said, will be next April 9, 2021, ASW has also announced that there will be an open beta for all players, but those who pre-order it on the PS Store will be able to enjoy it a day before.


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