Guilty Gear Strike: How to Cancel the Romans


History of Roman Postmarks Basics: what are Roman postmarks? Roman Cancellation Mechanics Red Roman cancellation Purple Roman cancellation Blue Roman cancellation Yellow Roman cancellation Special mechanics on the tension sensor

In addition to stunning aesthetics and vibrant dynamic gameplay, Guilty Gear Drive is known for reviving the Guilty Gear franchise for modern consoles. Unlike the smoother fighting games of today, Guilty Gear Drive returns to what made Guilty Gear a pretty iconic franchise: giving players a few mechanics that can allow them to manipulate almost any aspect of the game.

One of such iconic features of Guilty Gear is the Roman cancellation. Derived from the traditional “undo move” that stops the current move, the Roman undo in Guilty Gear turns this into a real mechanic. When a circular flash appears for a split second, Roman cancellation can do different things — from expanding combos to applying pressure. However, how exactly does Roman cancellation work for players?

History of Roman Abolition

Fans of fighting games may hear the term “technology” when playing combos in the most popular franchises, such as Street Fighter or even Tekken. At its core, this simply means “skipping” the final frames of a certain movement through synchronized button presses. In the community, this is called the “cancellation” of a movement, and this applies to all situations when a timed button press in the middle of a movement “completely skips” frames in favor of a new movement.

Interestingly, Guilty Gear takes this concept and turns it into a separate mechanic, now known as Roman Cancels. In the language of Guilty Gear, Roman cancellation works as a technical technique, although formalized.

The basics: what is Roman abolition?

Roman Cancellation literally cancels the final attack move in order to perform more moves, whether it’s fleeing, applying pressure, or performing more combos. The colors indicate the type of Roman cancellation that the players perform, and appear depending on the circumstances surrounding the activation of the turn. Here is a summary of the important elements of the Roman repeal:

Cost: Moving immediately costs 50 percent of the Voltage. Red RC: This option occurs when the opponent is in the stun phase with a block or blow. Blue RC: This option occurs when the player is in a neutral state. Purple RC: This option is possible during active turn frames. Yellow RC: This option is only possible if the player is stunned.

Mechanics of Roman Cancellation

Unlike other games where players need to press certain buttons to perform certain cancellations, Guilty Gear Drive has a simple combo entry that allows you to successfully perform a Roman cancellation. Theoretically, this allows Guilty Gear players to act both defensively and offensively, practically making no mistakes.

Basically, players just need to press three attack buttons at the same time to successfully perform a Roman undo. However, the Dust button is not taken into account when these clicks are made. Players will know that they have performed the correct Roman cancellation as soon as a colored circle flashes around their character, as well as players who notice that the game immediately allows their character to move normally, as opposed to the usual movement associated with their action.

Red Novel Cancellation

Tension: 50% Start: Super Freeze 25F, 1(+44) Recovery: – In Block: +24 Deceleration: 39F Cancellation: During Super Freeze, 7~13F

When Guilty Gear Strike players make a successful throw or strike at an opponent, they can immediately cancel Red Roman. His window for slowing down gets even bigger when doing this during Counter Hits. At its core, the shockwave it releases will throw the enemy far away, even causing a knockdown.

Thanks to the stunning and knockdown effect, Red Roman Cancel is ideal for extending combos or increasing pressure on opponents. Characters with intense juggling mechanics, such as Giovanna or Nagoriyuki, may benefit from Red Roman’s cancellation due to this juggling-prone movement.

Purple Roman Cancellation

Tension: 50% Start: Super Freeze 20F, 6(+39) Recovery: – Lock: – Slow Down: 19F Cancel: During Super Freeze, 8~14F

The moment Guilty Gear Strike players try to execute an attack that misses, or when they deal out a Roman cancellation in the last stages of a combo, the option becomes purple Roman cancellation instead of red. Similar to Red Roman Cancel, the Purple variant will still release shock waves. However, instead of directly defeating opponents, it just slows them down.

Despite this rather limited nature, Purple Roman Cancel is a great way to ensure that opponents won’t have room to punish players during long combos. This is useful for combo specialists like Giovanna who don’t do as much damage, but they need a lot of space to manipulate opponents.


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