Guilty Gear Drive Adds Bridget as the First Character of Season Pass 2


Guilty Gear Drive has been a pleasantly unexpected hit for Arc System Works since its launch last year, and much of the praise has been directed at its eclectic cast of characters, the unique playing styles on its roster, and the diverse set of character songs for its soundtrack. So much so that it is one of the best-selling games in the series, and the fighting game developer continues to support it after launch. The first season content pass added several fan favorites to the list, including newcomer Goldwys Dickinson, as well as several returning veterans such as busty samurai Biken and the elegant Testament of the Grim Reaper.

Shortly after the release of Testament Arc, System Works announced that, among other additions to the game, Guilty Gear Drive will receive a second season pass. Only after the premiere EVO fighting game tournament, the developer announced a bunch of news. One of them is an approximate roadmap for the content of Strive for 2022-2023, which includes the beta testing dates of the cross-game, as well as the preliminary release windows of the characters of the second season ticket. Although the first character was scheduled to be released this summer, it quickly became clear that it was Guilty Gear veteran Bridget.

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Bridget was introduced in Guilty Gear XX, the third installment of the franchise, and was a hotly requested DLC character for Guilty Gear Drive. Her announcement at EVO 2022 was warmly received by fans, and many were overjoyed to see that the yo-yo enthusiast became part of the series again after skipping Xrd. In addition, the players did not have to wait long for her to join the line-up, as Bridget is already ready to try.

In the release trailer, Bridget is stated as an easy-to—use character in the Strike, and her yo-yo is her main weapon. She is a balanced but fast character, her yo-yo acts like a projectile, but also returns to her hand after a certain time. Bridget can also move forward to a running yo-yo using her rolling motion, which can also be reversed for other actions. Bridget can also summon a mechanical bear weapon named Roger to attack the enemy in various ways.

With the addition of Bridget, only three characters have yet to be revealed for the passage. Earlier this year, an analysis of Guilty Gear Drive data revealed possible DLC characters who could fill these slots, among which were names such as Sin Kiske, Slayer and Jam Kuradoberi. Sina Kiske has every chance of becoming the next DLC character, given his appearance in the “Another Story” supplement, but so far this is just speculation.

Guilty Gear Drive is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.


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