Guild Wars 2 Comes To Steam 8 Years After Its Release


The massive free-to-play multiplayer online role-playing game Guild Wars 2 is coming to Steam 8 years after its release. The game will be on the platform in November.

Developed by ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 managed to attract great attention as a free massive multiplayer online role-playing game and gathered a serious player base. In November of this year, the game will arrive on Steam more than eight years after its release.

The game will not only arrive on Steam in November, but the third expansion pack, End of Dragons, will follow it in 2021. Thus, the game will be able to continue with more players and more content.

Guild Wars will be on Steam on November 2

Making a statement for the 8th anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the producer ArenaNet offered new offers to the players. These offerings include new unlockables for Skimmer mounts of the Path of Fire pack. Thus, players can go underwater. The Path of Fire package will also be 50% off until September 4th.

The main important announcement is in the trailer of the third expansion pack called End of Dragons. End of Dragons will be released in 2021. A region named Cantha will be added to the game with the new package. This mysterious island nation will have reappeared in the game world more than 200 years later.

Guild Wars 2 caused excitement

Tyria, the world of Guild Wars, can change dynamically according to the moves and decisions of the players. So each time the game offers a different experience. The game’s fights are also known for being very fast.

With its PvP challenges facing hundreds of players and PvE adventures with many stories, Guild Wars 2 was a long-awaited game to hit the Steam portal. The players seem to have finally achieved this. On the other hand, it will not be possible to access existing Guild Wars 2 accounts on Steam. Do you guys play Guild Wars 2?


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