Guide Yae Miko: The best weapon assembly and artifact assembly


One of the most anticipated characters in Genshin Impact is still in version 2.5, and now she is returning with her relaunch in version 3.2. Yae Miko, who looks after the entire Great Temple of Narukami, will appear on the first banner of the next update. She bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the characters of miHoYo in another game, Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact 3rd, which made Miko a long-awaited character in Genshin Impact. Yae Miko first appeared in the Archon quest leading to the Shogun of Raiden, and is an integral part of the resolution of the conflict that pursued Inazuma. After five version updates, players can finally play as Yae Miko. In this guide, we will discuss her best build, including her best weapons, artifacts, and team lineups.

Character Overview

Yae Miko is a 5—star Electrocatalyst user capable of inflicting huge explosive damage after deploying and destroying three electric “turrets” on the battlefield. She has an element skill with a low cooldown and three charges, which is usually used to deal permanent electrical damage and apply for a set period of time. Her Elemental Burst absorbs these turrets, dealing huge AoE damage to opponents caught in the explosion. Her set is focused on explosive damage with a short game time, which suggests that she works well in explosion-oriented teams.

Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura is an elemental skill of Yae Miko. Yae Miko bounces back a little, leaving Sesshou Sakura in front of him. Each Sesshou Sakura deals periodic Electro DMG to one nearby enemy, and each increases the strength of existing Sesshou Sakura. No more than three can exist at the same time.

This ability creates the basis for her Spontaneous Explosion, but by itself can cause solid Electro-damage outside the field, similar to an Ounce of Fischl. The ability has three charges, which is great for shortening Yae Miko’s playing time during her rotation.

The Great Secret Art: Tenko Keshin — The explosion of the elements of Yae Miko. She summons lightning from the sky, dealing huge electro damage to the area. Each existing Sesshou Sakura will also be destroyed, triggering its own lightning that deals Electro damage.

This ability is the main source of Yae Miko’s damage, which basically dictates how it is played in a normal setup. Some unique strategies may arise from this, but the easiest style of play for her is to drop three Sesshou Sakura and destroy them with this Elemental Burst, dealing huge damage.

The best weapon for Yae Miko

Kagura’s Truth is Yae Miko’s signature weapon, whose passive skill perfectly matches her skill set. It provides a large amount of passive critical damage, which is a rare and desirable characteristic for any weapon. In addition, the weapon increases the Damage from the Elemental Skill each time its skill is applied, and the owner additionally receives a 12% Damage bonus from the Damage from the Elements after receiving three stacks.

Other good 5-star alternatives to weapons are Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, which provides a high critical strike chance and a good Elemental DMG bonus, as well as Skyward Atlas, which gives a high base ATK and a decent ATK% bonus.

Vidsit — passive characteristic in itself makes it very desirable, since it provides high critical damage for 4-star weapons, while having a more useful passive, unlike Agatha Blackcliffe. Especially when on an Upgrade of 5, Vidsit is a competitive weapon that cannot be ignored, since all three different powerups are useful for Yae Miko. The biggest caveat is that the buff can only be activated every two spins, provided that her team’s ideal spin is less than 30 seconds (which is the passive weapon recovery time).

The Solar Pearl is a much more affordable weapon than the Vidsit, and does not suffer from inconsistencies due to rotation time. Even the Refine 1 solar pearl, obtained from a combat pass, is very profitable for a low-cost player and gives a lot of good bonuses that Yae Miko would love to receive.

Exciting stories about dragon slayers. As a catalyst user, Yae Miko can effectively use this amazing auxiliary weapon. This is especially useful for physical teams that require superconductivity reactions for better damage.


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