Guide to using WhatsApp Web as a business tool


WhatsApp Web has great potential as a commercial tool for your business. We teach you how to give better customer service!

Although it started out as a personal courier service, its potential as a business tool cannot be overlooked. WhatsApp is a mobile application with more than 1200 million users. Among them are surely you, your friends, your parents and the vast majority of your actual or potential clients.

WhatsApp Web as a business tool

Thousands of companies are already using WhatsApp as a marketing tool and also to provide better customer service. This is due to the immense potential offered by its scope and immediacy, as it is one of the most reviewed applications by users. In other words, we all check our WhatsApp many more times a day than “strictly necessary.”

Unlike other applications and social networks, WhatsApp users can hardly fit into any general classification, they only need to have a smartphone with an internet connection, and that is basically a third of the planet’s population.

So there’s really no way that you can’t take advantage of it in one way or another for your work or company. If you are going to make intensive use of this tool, doing it from your phone can be a bit tedious, so your best alternative is to learn how to use WhatsApp Web and encourage your team or virtual assistant to do the same.

How do I use WhatsApp Web in my business?

WhatsApp Web is the version of WhatsApp for PC that allows you to see the same interface that you see on your mobile but in the comfort of your computer or tablet screen.

Using your PC keyboard and commands, accessing your folders to send and receive files, and having other navigation tabs open simultaneously, makes communication and response times much faster.

Using WhatsApp Web is very simple

You must have the application installed and running on your phone, have a good Internet connection on both devices, and follow these steps:

Open the URL of the official page in your favorite browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera). You will see that it shows a QR code for you.
Open the application on your mobile and click on the upper right menu (three dots). Once there, select the “WhatsApp Web” option.
Scan the QR code and you will immediately see the application interface on your browser screen.
In this video you can see the procedure step by step:

If you require it, you can use an Android emulator for PC and assign a phone number without the need for a cell phone and a QR code, this alternative is a great trick for call centers and customer service centers, as it allows you to do without the mobile phone and continue to provide the tool to each of its operators.

Advantages of WhatsApp Web

The advantages of using WhatsApp Web on the computer, rather than from the phone, are:

Communication is faster
You concentrate your work tools in one place
You have immediate access to your files
You can set it up without a mobile phone
There are also a couple of disadvantages that are worth mentioning, which are summarized in the fact that you cannot manage their contacts from the interface of your browser and you cannot use the voice calls and video chat tool yet, although they are already there. beta testing. However, you can record audios.

What can I use WhatsApp Web for in a company?

This is a fairly versatile tool that you can use to:

Customer service: Opens an effective and immediate communication channel, in which images, screenshots, infographics and receipts can also be sent and received.

Marketing: You can inform your customers and prospects about your promotions, offers, events, news and new content. It also serves as a tool for capturing leads by creating linked landing pages and for increasing your overall sales.

Orders and Reservations: It has been found that the majority of WhatsApp users prefer to place orders and reservations via this means rather than by voice call, as the messages leave a reliable record that can be better traced.

Internal Communication: WhatsApp is used to coordinate internal and external work teams, since it has coverage practically all over the world. It allows you, among other things, to make low-cost calls and check the location of your collaborators.

If you are going to use WhatsApp Web as a work tool, always establish a guide for behavior and internal language and for the client. Train users in the correct use of the application and avoid the use of telephones and personal numbers.


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