Guide to the constellation Genshin Impact Cookie Shinobu


Cookie Shinobu was finally released in the second half of Genshin Impact 2.7 as a playable character on the re-banner of Arataka Itto. Like any character, Cookie Shinobu’s Constellations enhance her power and make her more useful. Understanding the constellations of Cookie Shinobu will help players optimally play for her and build her correctly.

To check out Cookie Shinobu’s constellations in Genshin Impact, players can select her on the Characters screen and then go to the Constellation tab. From there, players will be able to see which constellations they have unlocked and which they haven’t, as well as read what each of them is doing. Players can get Cookie Shinobu’s constellations by pulling out copies of her, a maximum of six.

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All of Cookie Shinobu’s constellations are average, which slightly improves her gameplay, but nothing mind-blowing. Thus, despite the fact that Cookie Shinobu’s Constellations only slightly improve it, players will notice the difference if they unlock them. Here are all the Cookie Shinobu constellations in Genshin Impact and what they do.

Assembling the character Cookie Shinobu: The best constellations in Genshin Impact

Cookie Shinobu’s constellations are short and pleasant, and leave nothing to confuse, which is great for players as they are so precise and precise about what they are doing. Since they are so simple, players will have no problem understanding them. Here are all of them and how they work:

Constellation Level 1 – To the Monastery of Compassion

The scope of the Gei Narukami Kariyama Rite (The Explosion of the elements of Cookie Shinobu) has been increased by 50%. This is a good buff that will just force more enemies into the area of her Explosion to take damage, and Electro will be applied to them in Genshin Impact.

Constellation Level 2 — Abandon Fortune

The duration of the Herbal Initiation Ring (Cookie Shinobu’s Elemental Skill) has been increased by 3 seconds. In fact, this is very good, because it gives the Cookie Shinobu Elemental Skill 100% uptime and can simply be used during recharge.

Constellation Level 3 – Isolate Sadness

Increases the Sanctifying Ring Level by 3. It just gives the Skill more healing and more damage.

Constellation Level 4 — Break the Seal

When the normal, charged or falling attacks of a character under the influence of the Shinobu Herbal Initiation Ring hit opponents, the Thunder Grass Mark lands on the opponent’s position and deals Electro-damage to the area in Genshin Impact based on 9.7% of the maximum HP of Shinobu. This helps to give teams more bursts of electrical damage and increase the team’s total damage.

Constellation Level 5 – Stop Pleasantries

Increases the level of the Gei Narukami Kariyama rite by 3. This increases the damage of Cookie Shinobu from a spontaneous explosion.

Constellation Level 6 – Protect Weakness

When Cookie Shinobu receives a lethal DMG, this instance of DMG does not kill her. This effect is triggered automatically when her HP reaches 1, and is triggered every 60 seconds. When Shinobu’s health drops below 25%, she gains 150 Elemental Skill for 15 seconds. This effect is triggered once every 60 seconds. This Constellation is very similar to Hu Tao’s C6 in Genshin Impact in that lethal damage won’t knock her down once a minute. Shinobu will also benefit greatly from the “Elemental Mastery” buff she gets from this because it will give her elemental skill more healing and more damage in Genshin Impact.

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