Guide to the Cast and characters of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin


In “Pretty Liars: Original Sin”, an acting ensemble is involved, which includes both beginners and experienced veterans. The HBO Max show, which debuted in July 2022, takes place in the Pretty Liars franchise, and while it has the same continuity as the original show, Original Sin focuses on an entirely new set of characters. Of course, the mysterious “A” is still the main antagonist, but the identity of the figure remains unknown.

While the action of “Pretty Liars” took place in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, the action of “Original Sin” takes place in the same place, but in the city of Millwood. The show focuses on a group of girls- Imogen, Noah, Faran, Tabby and Mouse – who come together to complete a common mission before becoming targets for “A”. Original Sin also delves into the past through the family members of the main characters, who have their own secret related to the death of a classmate in the 90s.

While “Original Sin” may be linked to “Pretty Little Liars” by future plot points, the two shows do not share common or supporting actors at launch. “Original Sin” follows the same pattern as “Pretty Liars”, but a different city leads to a set of new faces. While some of the Original Sin cast may be recognizable, others will call the HBO Max show their breakthrough role. However, here’s a character guide to “Pretty Liars: Original Sin.”

Bailey Madison as Imogen Adams

Bailey Madison plays the role of Imogen Adams, a pregnant teenage girl who attends Millwood High School. After a family tragedy turns Imogen’s life upside down, she begins a new relationship with a group of classmates. The group then becomes the target of the masked killer “A”. In addition to roles in films such as “Bridge to Terabithia”, “Just Go with It” and “Strangers: Night Prey”, Madison is best known for her television work in “Once upon a Time in a Fairy Tale”, “The Fosters” and “The Good Witch”.

Maya Reficco as Noah Olivar

A member of the new group of friends is Noah Olivar, a character played by actress Maya Refikko. Noah is a high school track and field star who recently got out of juvenile detention. In addition to wearing an ankle bracelet, Noah is still doing her community service when she is overtaken by “A” and the drama the school is facing. Refikko is still a newcomer, he previously played the main role in the mashup of Calli. However, she will soon appear in the Netflix movie “Revenge”, which starred Sophie Turner, Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke from the TV series “Very Strange Things”.

Zaria as Faran Bryant

Another member of the core group in the spotlight of “Pretty Liars: Original Sin” is Faran Bryant, played by Zaria. Like Noah, Faran is interested in extracurricular activities, but in her case it’s ballet. After receiving the role of the Black Swan in the next performance of the group, the influence of “A” challenges her future as a ballerina, which has already been influenced by racism in the industry. Before the PLL spin-off, Dawn appeared in the films “Black”, “Daddy, Stop Embarrassing Me!” and Bosch.

Chandler Kinney as Tabby Haworth

Next up is Chandler Kinney, who played Tabitha “Tabby” Haworth in “Pretty Liars: Original Sin.” Tabby is a horror fan working after school at a local movie theater who finds herself involved in a new mystery surrounding a classmate. She also establishes a strong bond with Imogen after her family intervenes to help a pregnant girl. In addition to appearing in shows such as Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story,” “Hathaway with Ghosts,” “Girl Meets World,” K.S. “Undercover” and “Lethal Weapon” Kinney is best known for her role as Willa in the Disney Channel Zombie franchise.

Malia Pyles as Minnie “Mouse” Gonrad

Completing the main group is the character of Malia Pyles, Minnie “Mouse” Hondara. Minnie is a tech—obsessed introvert who finds a band after being bullied. Her connection with classmates and something from a family member’s past makes her become a target of “excellent”. Pyles’ recent acting work includes “Silence,” “The Fosters,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Baskets,” and “Batwoman.”

Mallory Bechtel as Karen and Kelly Beasley

Actress Mallory Bechtel performs a double role in “Pretty Liars: Original Sin”, playing twin sisters Karen and Kelly Beazley. Karen puts her popularity as a student at Millwood High School first, which is why she often becomes the biggest bully in school. Kelly, on the other hand, promotes Karen’s behavior until she has to deal with the consequences of a family tragedy involving “A”. In addition to roles in the films “Law and Order: IED”, “FBI: Most Wanted” and “Hereditary”, Bechtel will be known for her theatrical work in “Succeed: The Musical”, “Rent” and “Dear Evan Hansen”, where she played Zoey Murphy.

Actors and supporting characters of “Cute Liars: Original Sin”

Eric Johnson as Sheriff Beasley: Karen and Kelly’s father and the sheriff of Millwood.


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