Guide to the actors of the resort: how do you know the actors


Peacock’s grim 2022 detective comedy “The Resort” debuted on July 28 — here’s the cast, the characters they play, and where you’ll recognize the actors from. Peacock’s dark detective comedy was created by Andy Ciara and produced by Sam Esmail of Mr. Robot, consists of eight episodes in total. Episodes “Resort” from 1 to 3 debuted on the streaming platform on July 28, and a new episode is released every week on Thursdays.

The resort follows a couple on vacation at the Oceana Vista resort, Emma and Noah, who are struggling with the challenges of their 10-year marriage. Although Noah seems more pleased with their situation, he also agrees with the mystery that Emma reveals when, during an ATV accident, she discovers the phone of a young man who disappeared at the resort 15 years ago. Strange things seem to happen as they try to solve a mystery that eventually leads them to the father of another guest who disappeared from the resort after Murray’s first disappearance.

The resort’s cast boasts a group of experienced, well-known comedians and talented newcomers. They are led by writer and resort creator Andy Ciara from Palm Springs. Here’s the cast of the Resort, the characters they play, and where you can get to know the actors.

Kristin Milioti as Emma

Kristin Milioti plays Emma, half of the main couple who ends up playing the role of detectives in the mystery surrounding the Oceana Vista Resort 15 years ago. Milioti famously played the long-awaited mom in “How I Met Your Mom.” A talented comedian, Milioti also appeared in 2019 in the films Modern Love and The Mindy Project. Most recently, Milioti played the lead role of Sarah in Palm Springs for Hulu, another Ciara project.

William Jackson Harper as Noah

William Jackson Harper plays Noah, the other half of the main couple who, together with his wife Emma, investigates a 15-year-old mystery. Harper is known for playing Chidi in the NBC series The Good Place. Harper’s career includes well-received films such as Midsommar, and action films such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Most recently, Harper appeared in the films “Love Life” and “The Underground Railroad” on Amazon Prime Video.

Skyler Gizondo as Sam

Skyler Gizondo plays Sam, the first victim to disappear from the Oceana Vista Resort 15 years before Emma and Noah went there. Gizondo was part of the main cast of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, playing Eric Bemis. He has appeared in Booksmart, and most recently in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza.

Nina Bloomgarden as Violet

Nina Bloomgarden plays Violet, the second guest who disappears from Oceana Vista, who is also Murray’s daughter. Violet Thompson from The Resort is Bloomgarden’s first major role in a television series. Bloomgarden previously appeared in the films “Good Girl Jane” and “Hot Pink”.

Nick Offerman as Murray

Nick Offerman plays Murray, Violet’s father, who was with her at the resort at the time of her disappearance and is still trying to find out the truth about it. Offerman famously played Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. More recently, Offerman has appeared in the films “Pam and Tommy” and “Their Own League.”

The resort of the second plan and the characters

Gabriela Kartol as Luna. Kartol plays Luna, the housekeeper of Oceana Vista. Kartol has played many roles in Latin American productions. Recently, Kartol appeared in the films “Without Guilt: Mexico” and “El Rifugio”.

Luis Gerardo Mendes as Balthazar. Mendes plays the Oceana Vista concierge, Balthazar. Mendes has appeared in various films and TV shows, including Club de Cuervos and Bayonet. Most recently, Mendes played Victor Tapia in “Narco: Mexico” and Pedro Salinas in “Messengers”.

Becky Ann Baker as Jan. Baker plays Sam’s mother, Jan. Baker’s extensive career includes roles in both TV shows and films. Baker played Alma Hoff in “The Good Wife” and Jean Weir in “Freaks and Nuts.” She also appeared in Lena Dunham’s “Girls,” “Law & Order,” and “Hunters” on Amazon Prime Video Original 2020.

Dylan Baker as Carl. Baker plays Ian’s husband and Sam’s father, Carl. Baker’s career spans many films and TV shows, including famous ones such as “The Americans” and “The Good Wife.” Most recently, Baker played Ed Kopak in The Hot Zone and Biff Simpson in Amazon Original’s Hunters.

Debbie Ryan as Hannah. Ryan plays Sam’s girlfriend, Hannah. Before the “Resort”, Ryan famously played Patty in “Insatiable”. She also appeared in the films “Night Teeth” and “Party Life”.


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