Guide To Buy The Best Games For Xbox Consoles In Christmas 2021


Xbox: We present the Christmas shopping guide with the most outstanding titles released this year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Yes, it is true, it is not easy to get hold of an Xbox Series X at Christmas. Microsoft’s next-generation console has suffered the same production problems as PlayStation 5, mainly due to the semiconductor crisis, one of the essential parts of this type of machine. However, getting an Xbox Series S is much easier. In any case, Xbox One owners also have access to a vast catalog of titles, which throughout 2021 has been reinforced with video games that must be taken into account, both by Xbox Game Studios and third-party companies. And what better time than Christmas to bring the most outstanding games of the year to the table?

True to tradition, at MeriStation we are developing different shopping guides so that making a gift related to video games is easier than ever. We have selected a series of high-budget titles, but also more humble independent productions.

These are some recommendations on Xbox consoles. Some of these video games are also found on PC under the umbrella of Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service. Without further ado, let’s get to the games!

Forza Horizon 5

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox Game Pass

Playground Games takes up its favorite saga with a solid and quality delivery, which puts an arcade drive full of adventure elements back on the asphalt. Forza Horizon 5 not only has a multitude of licensed cars, but also allows you to customize the experience to the taste of the player. The craziest festival moves to Mexico, a country that features biomes as diverse as desert terrain or lush jungles. The menacing sandstorms make up one of the novelties of the game, which otherwise maintains its identity and debuts in the new generation with a more than colorful graphic section. Of course, the Series X and S versions look better, but the game has been well optimized on Xbox One.

Psychonauts 2

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox Game Pass

Double Fine Productions started the development of Psychonauts 2 through a crowdfunding campaign, still not knowing what the future would bring. After the purchase by Microsoft, the studio continued working on the project and managed to complete its development without major problems. The result? One of the best titles of the year. The experience of Tim Schafer and his team has made it possible to mold a product that leaves graphic adventure aside, although his mastery of that genre is reflected in how well treated the characters and the story are. It is a platform with charisma, well designed and with a more polished formula than the original delivery. This is without a doubt a game that you cannot miss.