Guide Of La Pirindola İn Fall Guys.


Fight your way through this minigame until you reach the goal between mats, circular platforms, rotating slats, mill blades and falls, many falls

In this Fall Guys guide you can see how each of the tests is composed, we also explain how to overcome them without greater difficulty such as Final Balance, Hexagony and Block Fun. Remember that, even if it is a game similar to the Grand Prix or Yellow Humor style, it is also important to play both alone and in company if we want to win crowns and accolades to unlock different cosmetics such as skins, costumes, gestures, etc. plus experience, called fame, to unlock the Battle Pass rewards.

  • Game mode: race. You have to arrive within the maximum number of players marked.
  • Position in the round that can be started per game: 1, 2.

It consists of 3 parts where the first are 4 circles together forming a rhombus with a horizontal stick in each one except for the last one, which will be 2, splitting the circle in half, the first one moving clockwise and the remaining 3 counterclockwise. The second part begins with an ascending ramp with a conveyor belt in the center up to two mats that serve us to pass the unevenness, here we can also use R2 / RT to grab and climb directly; From here we go through a mill that is moving in an anticlockwise direction, sweeping the players to prevent them from continuing; the area widens where there are different triangular barriers and they end up in another 3 mills that move clockwise on the exterior ones and counterclockwise the central one, the trick here is to pass between two of the mills where the blades do not reach, we end up on another ramp with conveyor belt where there is another mill driving the participants out. The third part is 3 paths, the central part is a new ramp with a mill that carries more speed in the counterclockwise direction, we must control the movement to be able to cross since this is the shortest route but also the riskiest, falling here means that in the right path can catch us a sweep and throw us into the void but if we succeed we get the control point; the remaining paths are made up of 3 circular platforms with one pole each turning counterclockwise-clockwise-counterclockwise ending in a larger circular platform with another pole turning clockwise. To go to the other side, we must take into account the platform where we are and the blade of the mill in front of us, the best thing here is to jump and press square / X to propel ourselves forward in the spaces of 5 seconds between each blade. .

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