Guest Diana tsur Levin disappointed fans of “Die Höhle der Löwen”


Unfortunately, Diana tsur Leven could not score in front of the audience. Being an influencer, the blonde is a real expert in social media marketing, but she also has experience investing in startups. Accordingly, it seemed that no one was better suited to the role of an invited investor in the Lion’s Den than this young business lady. Unfortunately, the fans didn’t like Diana’s performance!

In particular, many viewers did not like that Diana did not invest in the startup. “Take away the space and don’t even invest in anything. Diana doesn’t need to be on the show anymore”, “What was it with Diana zur Leven?” or: “A cheap evening for Diana. They didn’t spend any money, and there was also a delicious cake,” Twitter users complained, among other things.

Diana herself explained in her Instagram story why she didn’t invest. “Unfortunately, there were no startups in today’s issue that could convince me and make a good couple,” she explained, “but the beauty still hopes to return soon.


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