Guess the game, answer 125 for September 16


How to play “Guess the game” Hints for “Guess the game 125” from September 16, 2022

Today marks 125 days since the release of the game “Guess the Game” — for those who are not familiar, the game tests the ability of players to recognize video games, as six new screenshots of a random game enter the battle every new day. The game can be from any era, any genre and any series, and players must recognize screenshots and correctly guess the game they are looking at, including a specific sequel if the game is from the franchise. This guide explains how the game works and gives hints to players who may need them.

How to play the game “Guess the game”

Created and maintained by independent game developer Sam Stiles, Guess the Game acts as a Wordle clone focused on video games. Instead of guessing letters and getting immediate feedback if they’re on the right track, the Guess the Game offers players one screenshot at a time, slowly revealing more information after each incorrect guess. Video game veterans and newcomers have found great fun testing their knowledge of video games and sharing their results with friends. The rules are as follows.

First go to the GuessThe website.Game or find a direct link to it in the biography of Sam Stiles on Twitter. Then enter the first guess in the field — you can also “skip” to the next image, but this is considered an assumption.

The presented game should not be used in any previous GuessTheGame days. Screenshots can relate to anything in the game — videos, gameplay, user interface, etc. The game must be part of the GuessTheGame database (it appears when you enter a guess).

Players need to enter the name of the game that they think is shown in the screenshots, and then click or tap the full name of the game if it appears in the list that appears when entering. If players think they know the game, but it’s not on the list, they should check the spelling or admit that it’s not the game they thought it was and try again.

After one incorrect assumption, the evaluation of the game on Metacritic is revealed — if there is one. After two incorrect assumptions, the original release platforms of the game are revealed. After three incorrect guesses, the genre of the game is revealed. After four incorrect assumptions, the year of the game’s release is revealed. After five incorrect guesses, the game developer is revealed. After six incorrect guesses, the game is over and the name of the game opens.

Players are also provided with a new screenshot that shows a little more about the game — the GuessTheGame submission rules encourage screenshots of cut scenes and environments for the first two or three entries, with each stage they become easier and reveal more of the game.

Tips for the game “Guess the game 125” from September 16, 2022

Today’s game “Guess the Game” will not seem too difficult for players who like cooperative games. To get hints, check the list below.

Today’s game was released in the early 2010s. It offers a cooperative gameplay for four players. Its name consists of eight letters, including spaces and numbers. Its gameplay offers, among other things, both hidden and “loud” play styles. A sequel to this game is currently in development. The main goal of the players in this game is to get rich.

Answer for Guess the Game 125 from September 16, 2022

If you just can’t recognize or just haven’t played the game shown in today’s Guess the Game, check the unrelated image below for a spoiler.

The game presented in the puzzle “Guess the game 124” is called Payday 2.

The game “Guess the game” is available for any browser.


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