Guedes defends ‘CPMF’ again for transactions via PIX


The system of transfers and instant payments launched by the Central Bank (BC) and which already has the participation of several institutions has been in the “mouth of the people” for some time, and the current Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, is not outside the discussions – even if I’m not exactly talking about the sport revolution. According to Folha de S. Paulo, in a conference held this Thursday (19), Guedes again addressed the creation of a tax on transactions after the electoral period and defended the implementation of taxes on the PIX.

For him, rates considered low, which could be 0.10% or 0.15%, should be charged – with initial Ministry studies predicting 0.20% for both those who pay and those who receive, along the lines of the old CPMF , totaling 0.40%. Regardless of what they are, they contradict the initial proposal of the system: gratuity.

Despite recognizing that the novelty is interesting, allowing transactions to be carried out at low cost, he stressed that the Government may consider taxing some of what he called “traffic on that road.” He did not mention the word “toll”, but the collection of values ​​from those who travel on a kind of “digital highway” fits well in the proposed analogy.

According to João Manoel de Mello, director of BC’s Financial System and Resolution Organization, in an interview with UOL, PIX, which started operating last Monday (16), following the format in progress, benefits everyone, including banks. Apparently, there are those who seek additional advantages.

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