Gucci sells a worn and stained jumpsuit for $ 1,400


Grab a denim overall and wear it for a few months to play soccer outside and do yard work and DIY, and voilà, you’ve got a worn and stained overall that Gucci now sells for $ 1,400.

As part of its new autumn-winter 2020 men’s collection, the Italian haute couture house launched this controversial garment that has caused more than one reaction on social networks. According to Gucci’s own description, the jumpsuit is made with 100 percent organic cotton specially treated to give it that stained and worn “touch”.

“Gucci explores new visions of cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary,” says the description of the garment.

Immediately, Twitter users made derisive comments about the Gucci jumpsuit, even calling it “the height of stupidity.” “Then I can get a regular grass-stained overalls and say it’s Gucci,” wrote one user.

According to the prestigious fashion house, the organic cotton used to make overalls comes from a growing and manufacturing process that “restricts the use of chemicals, eliminates pesticides or artificial fertilizers and incorporates methods that respect biodiversity, improve the quality of the soil and reduce water consumption ”. In addition, the remains that are left over from the production of this product are recycled to create new materials.


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