Gucci Launches Curious Trend With $ 12 Virtual Sneakers


Gucci: Recently, Gucci launched Virtual 25, an unusual model of all-digital sneakers. The item can be purchased in the Italian brand app for “modest” US $ 12 (something around R $ 65, in direct conversion) and is the result of a partnership with Wanna, a fashion company specialized in marketing in reality increased. However, the curiosities do not stop there: the product is just one among the many available in the category, which gained more relevance with the birth of NFTs.

Virtual 25 was designed by Alessandro Michele, Creative Director at Gucci, especially for virtual environments. Its launch is part of the “Gucci Sneaker Garage” initiative, the new section in the company’s app aimed at eclectic sneakers and “special digital items”.

After the purchase, it is possible to view the sneakers directly on the feet through the Wanna application, and it is also possible to “use them” in other partner virtual environments, such as Roblox and VRChat. However, they are not unique items – as is the case with NFTs – and can be purchased by several users simultaneously.

Digital and sustainable trend?

Similarly, in this same context, there are other stores that offer digital items, such as DressX. In it, the user can buy an item, select the photo in which he wants to “use it” and, after the purchase, receive it by e-mail with the montage. Although it sounds confusing, the tool is quite practical; check out its operation below!

In its advertisement, DressX details that about 40 billion items generated by the fashion industry are dumped in landfills every year and, as proposed, its business model would be the “most sustainable” ever created.

It remains to be seen whether the trend is here to stay and how Internet users will react to his proposal. In the case of Virtual 25, the reception on Twitter was not initially very friendly: “an easy way to get money out of people,” says one user. So far, Gucci has 26 models of digital sneakers. Check out the catalog by clicking here.


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